Baby Plan Studio Session Melbourne | Bristol is 4 months!

It seems like my baby plan clients come in little groups so that the babies are actually going through the process at the same time. I don’t plan it that way but I like it because it feels like a little “class” of sweet babies growing through their first year together! So, the same day that baby Lilia came into the studio for a four month session, Bristol came in right behind her. Both girls are round and happy and with no shortage of accessories! (Both moms had boys first!)

I loved the chalk board Bristol’s mom brought along with all the latest “baby stats.” I also adore the pastel mint+pink color combo in the second outfit!


AGP14_Bristol4m-1 copy AGP14_Bristol4m-2 copy AGP14_Bristol4m-8 copy AGP14_Bristol4m-11 copy AGP14_Bristol4m-17 copy AGP14_Bristol4m-19 copy AGP14_Bristol4m-28 copy AGP14_Bristol4m-33 copy

Thanks to a sweet family for choosing Angel Gray Photography, can’t believe she’ll be sitting up and maybe even crawling next time!