Baby Photography Merritt Island FL | Bristol is 8 Months!

Bristol is making her way through the Baby Plan and at 8 months old she is sitting up, starting to crawl and LOVING her big brother. We captured some family photos first then some individuals at the end in her special fourth of July outfit.

Love these kiddos and this family!

AGP14_Bristol8m-6 copy AGP14_Bristol8m-12 copy AGP14_Bristol8m-15 copy AGP14_Bristol8m-17 copy AGP14_Bristol8m-20 copy AGP14_Bristol8m-25 copy AGP14_Bristol8m-30 copy AGP14_Bristol8m-34 copy
AGP14_Bristol8m-43 copy

AGP14_Bristol8m-37 copy

AGP14_Bristol8m-48 copy

Super cute how the guys took some time with a Highlights magazine while I was working with Bristol.

AGP14_Bristol8m-51 copy AGP14_Bristol8m-55 copy

Next stop is 12 months!  Can’t be??