Baby Photography Melbourne Studio – Valentine Bella!

It is a week of babies on the blog!  I have a newborn to put up right behind this and on top of that, 2 babies being born this week (or maybe even already!)  Bella came into the studio for her 4mth session (Part One of her Baby Plan as described in the previous post.)  At four months she was able to sit up against something (like the couch in the studio,) lay on her tummy and push herself up on her hands, and of course give us lots of baby giggles.  You can see how much she has grown by checking out her newborn photography.  Her momma brought a couple outfits and a few hats so we had fun playing dress up!  I couldn’t help but show her off on a Valentine since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!  This is a free template I found online, I take no credit for how cute it is!

First of all I’m pretty sure Bella appears to be the AGP cover girl in these red, black and white pics! Secondly, I always LOVE when I can capture babies looking right at the camera, but Bella’s sideways glances at her momma are to die for!

Happy Valentines Day! —Don’t miss the episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition tonight at 8pm EST on ABC!  The family is local here from Cocoa, all the volunteers were of course local and I was chosen as the exclusive family photographer!  So watch for the family portraits on the walls!

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