Baby Photographer Satellite Beach FL } Peter is 6mths!

Oh man this kid is cute. Peter is one of my baby plan members doing newborn, 6mth and 12mth so I hadn’t seen him in 6 months! Wow things change so fast and look how well he is sitting up already! On a mushroom no less! We used the family home and yard for the whole shoot and Peter showed off all his six-month-old skills. I love everything about this little guy from his feet in his mouth to his cute little face and wavy hair -he is such a little man!

Side note, Peter’s mom is a member of the Junior League here and they have the big Festival of Trees coming up which is really awesome and you should go! Have a great time, bring the whole family and support the work the Junior League does in our community!

LOVE. Also, love baby shoes with design on the bottom! Until they are walking it’s all you’ll see in your pictures!

Awww, remember this one last time?

A quick snack to keep him smiling… 🙂

Can’t wait to see this little guy next time! Hope everyone is having a fun long weekend!!!

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