Baby Photographer Satellite Beach FL | Madelyn is 8 months!

I’m head over heals for Madelyn! She’s eight months now, is sitting up, pulling up and crawling with a quirky fluff of strawberry curls right on top of her head and an inquisitive spirit that makes you wonder what she’s thinking about. (Won’t be too long before she’ll be telling us!) We’ve been shooting around the home for all of the baby plan sessions and I love it so much. The light in this house happens to be beyond gorgeous so that doesn’t hurt but I also just have a special love for cozy, authentic moments at home with babies.


These crib shots were a highlight for me creatively lately. I just love this little lady’s bedroom and how much fun she was having in her own space!


AGP14_Madelyn8-2 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-3 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-4 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-8 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-9 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-10 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-11 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-12 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-14 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-16 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-20 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-27 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-30 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-37 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-41 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-43 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-44 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-51 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-56 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-59 copy AGP14_Madelyn8-63 copy