Baby Photographer Merritt Island FL | Avery is ONE!

This past year has definitely flown by and I’m sure especially for Avery’s parents! It really does seem like yesterday I was capturing her newborn moments! In case you might like to see her grow click below for the entire trip down memory lane!



4 month


We met on Merritt Island for the one year session and Avery was a complete star – so full of enthusiasm and curiosity – such a cutie!

It’s always a pleasure to follow families through life and watch these sweet kiddos grow.

My “baby” graduates from preschool Thursday, which means my family is graduating out of the preschool stage altogether since all three children will be in elementary next year. Definitely some cause for celebration but as our kids grow and we leave behind seasons of babies, toddlers, etc. it can be bittersweet. I’m packing the tissues for sure. Might even skip the mascara.