Baby Photographer Melbourne Florida } Reagan is 8mths!

Baby Reagan, I’ve been taking your picture since you were in your mom’s belly… and you just get cuter and cuter!

I met Reagan and her family at the park for the next session in their baby plan. Reagan showed off all her facial expressions, her new tricks (sitting up, crawling and standing) and even fell asleep at the end just so we could get some sweet sleeping baby shots. How thoughtful of her! I think my favorite part of the baby plan is getting to know families so well.  Of course the cute munchkins do help, but I love that by the end of the year we have become friends and I feel excited to watch these babies and families grow through the years.

“I’m going to eat this leaf. Are we in agreement?”

Big thanks to John and Jacqui for choosing Angel Gray Photography.

Coming up soon I’m going to share some before and after pics of my new living room that Jacqui worked on for me! She is super talented and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Sidenotes: Triplets are up next, the weather has been really annoying lately and this week is the last week of school for the kiddos!  Summer = mixed feelings but definitely looking forward to using our Disney tickets, vacation week and more beach time!

P.S. We are postponing the big senior model search until the end of the summer and will continue the contest into the beginning of the school year.  I can’t wait to announce the amazing prizes – my partnership with Downtown Divas on this is a dream come true!