Baby Photographer Melbourne FL } Scarpate Triplets! Yes that’s THREE Babies!

I’m not sure where to begin. I haven’t really photographed that many twins to be honest, much less a set of triplets!  To add to the challenge, they were no longer newborn when mom called me to join the Angel Gray Photography Baby Plan. Not that I don’t LOVE 4 month old babies (in fact it is a typical stop on the baby plan,) but three of them present more challenges than three newborn, so it made me just a wee bit nervous.  By four months we have decided we have preferences and things like that you know? THREE sets of preferences.  And really putting all photography stuff aside, the fact that this family has three babies and four children totally just boggles my mind anyway!  I couldn’t wrap my head around what everyday life must be like.  Lots of love. Lots of fun. Lots work too!

So it was fascinating for me just to be with the Scarpate family AND the session went really well!  As I left I thought to myself “Do I just think it went well because the possibility for disaster was so real?” But after looking through the images I knew results were good because I couldn’t narrow down my favorites!  We shot in the family home of course because seriously taking these munchkins out for photography would be a little nuts.  Thankfully their home has amazing light and a pretty back yard to work with!  I was so impressed with how calm everyone was and how well the babies and their big sister did (largely due to the calming nature of mom and dad for sure.) Not to mention how cute they are. I mean those bellies are just so smooshy and wonderful. I love baby bellies. And feet. And bums. You’ll see.

Anyone else see Natalie Portman here?   Oh my gosh this little lady is so GORGEOUS and mature too!  I found it hard to believe that she and my oldest are almost the same age. Must read more parenting books.


Okay check this out, as we are shooting the oldest notices something about one of the babies… Oh yeah, he is sucking on the toes of his sister! Awesome.

Three times the love. Big thanks to Tanya’s tangles for the custom knit props!

and fun.

Notice how the babies started to get tired and take a nap, but someone is always awake, just not the same one!

There could never be too many toes for me. love those piggies.

I can’t help it that girls usually get a little extra attention… don’t we deserve it? How beautiful is she?

a little yawn and stretch action here while her brothers sleep… I think I know who’s going to be in charge pretty soon.

this BW above is one of my favorites, not sure why, just like it!

Dad and the boys.

OH the diaper changing fun!

I warned momma that the rest of us with only one baby (or none) are going to be insanely jealous of this clean house. She promises it does not usually look this good. PHEW. A moment of silence while we talk ourselves off the mental ledge.

They’ve got their hands full of blessings for sure! Can’t wait to see these babies grow through the baby plan and into their first birthday together!

P.S. It seems twins and multiples are tracking me down lately. I had the Cress family recently (twin boys.) The Scarpates obviously and the Bernards coming up and the Reynolds next week!  Whoa. Must not drink the water.

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