Baby Photographer Melbourne FL } Riley is 6mths!

Baby Riley is one of my baby plan members and she is a complete baby doll! Just look at that face and tell me you don’t want to squeeze her! It’s an impossibility -don’t even fight it. We shot this session at FIT botanical garden in Melbourne and it was one of my last few portrait sessions of December.  Joseph’s newborn was the last which is so cute because right before that I shot Layne’s one year. Starting a baby plan and wrapping one up the same week. Sweetness. So both those little guys will be up here soon with an awesome wedding post for Michelle and Charles in the mix this week.  Riley was a doll and we were able to fit in a few family shots too. Can you believe how much she’s grown since newborn??

I know I’m not the only mom who sometimes wishes I had a pause button. They. Grow. Too. FAST.  Without a pause in sight, I can do the next best thing and capture those moments – those cheeks that will slim down in a few months, those innocent eyes, the joy of childhood, the silly expression on the mouth that will one day ask to borrow the car…. It really is the next best thing because one day we WILL pause and soak in these images and relive these moments.  Enjoy!

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