Baby Photographer Melbourne FL } little Emma!

Little Emma came into the studio for her newborn portraits at six week old. Thankfully she was still a little peanut!  Although we had planned for a much earlier newborn session, her family had to make an unexpected trip right after she was born.  It was fun trying on different little hats and seeing which would still fit her, and what she had already grown out of.  It is just incredible the rate at which babies grow!  Older babies tend to be a little more fussy which we did encounter with Emma, but it just made for the cutest crying pic ever!  She was strong and alert enough at 6weeks to let me know that she was going to put her arms, hands (and all limbs in general) wherever she wanted rather than where I suggested.  I can’t wait to see her grow up because I think she is going to be quite the spit fire and I’m hoping her hair keeps coming in bright red because I love red heads!  Emma is a part of the baby plan so you’ll get to see her back here again through her first year as well as her two older sisters!  I can’t wait to meet them!

Look at her holding her head up already!

I love love this. I guess because it is a mother’s view.

She’s just testing those lungs here. Yep they work!

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