Baby Photographer Melbourne FL } Bella is 8mths!

Watch out for a whole lot -o- scrumptiousness in this post!  I have two babies to share with you this week, 8 month old Bella here and next is Quinn’s 1 year session! Both are part of the AGP baby plan. I must say I LOVE the 8mth session!  Give me a baby who sits up but isn’t moving around very quickly yet and I am in HEAVEN.  And seriously Beth, enjoy these days- pretty soon you’ll be running after her! 

I Heart Bella. Who wouldn’t?

She has these tiny feet…

The adorable hat was handmade locally by Tanyas Tangles. Like super local. As in right next door to Bella.

She’s looking at her mamma. This is how we all want our kids to look at us. All the time.

Beth usually shows up to her session with something like this adorable headband and then says something like:

“Oh I just whipped that up in like five minutes.”

And I’m okay with the fact that it would probably take me days and I’d probably lose my temper at some point during that time, throw it away and vow never to get crafty again. Really, I’m fine. So what if my kids ask grandma to mend things instead of asking me.  For example, “Grandma, can you sew my button back on?” It’s all good, we all have different gifts.

Give me seersucker ANY DAY, love it.

She’s wondering if this might taste good or if she should run for president one day. Or both maybe.


And she got tired. But I was happy with what we got!

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