Baby Photographer Melbourne Beach FL -Ryckman Park} Hunter is 8mths!

Soooo as life would have it I got super busy for the wedding I shot last weekend and at the same time, my littlest one got very sick.  He came down with it on Friday morning and the doctor told me today that she may have to admit him for IV fluids if he can’t get hydrated by tomorrow morning. Well, things were looking up until about 10 minutes ago when he woke up sick again.  The kind of sick when you lose all your fluids.  It’s scaring me so please pray for my little Davis that he doesn’t have to go to the hospital tomorrow.  I’ve tried to get him to chug pedialite all day but I don’t know if I’ve managed to outrun the crazy virus that is bent on depleting his little body of all liquid.  So here I am at 2 am, hoping he perks up by 8am and I can’t exactly sleep.  He looks so sad and skinny to me after just 4 sick days, but that’s all it takes when you are less than 35 lbs to begin with. As a coping mechanism and an attempt to get back on schedule, I am sharing with you a very sweet and healthy little boy!

This cutie with the sweet cheeks is a part of the Angel Gray Photography Baby Plan and I can’t believe he is 8mths already!  Seems like yesterday he was a newborn curled up in a basket!

I’ve been working with his family for a couple years now and was sad to hear they might be moving and even more so when it happened so quickly! I shot these within a week I think of their move up north!  Of course I hope to use this as an excuse to travel and get some great portraits in new location.  After all, the baby plan does include 12mths as well…

So since it was a farewell of sorts I included into Hunter’s 8mth session some shots of his sister and also a few with his grandma.  It was a bit windy outside but the weather held out for us.  Enjoy!

I LOVE pictures that make you laugh. This is one of those pictures. I am in loveeeeeee. It is exactly the relationship between my daughter and my Davis!

Good times. I wish the best for you all up north and I’m guessing I’ll be seeing you down here as well!

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