Baby Noah

Oh how I love babies! I love them now more than ever. I think the appreciation must just grow stronger as your own children grow older and you realize how precious that time is. There is only that short window of time where there are no “time outs” no “stop whining, eat your dinner, be nice to your sister…” Just a baby who is sure you are the love of his life. It must be why grandparents have such a sweet relationship with their grandbabies. These photographs make me wonder if I want more… for a few seconds, until I remember I am done done done (x3!) Noah’s family came over from Orlando for their infant portraits. We met in Merritt Island and were lucky to use natural light the whole time. Considering babies need to stay out of the sun, that’s not always possible. Noah is a few weeks old I believe so a little bigger than a usual newborn session which I reccomend in the first 10 days, but where it limited us in some ways it opened up new opportunites for expression and interaction. This is a great reason to have your baby’s first year documented every few months (I offer packages for that,) they change so quick! Enjoy these highlights, Noah’s family!

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