Baby Chance

Chris and Lisa’s baby arrived (see their maternity pics here) and I came to their home in Rockledge, Florida last week for a newborn photography session once he was around a week old. Chance was born somewhere around 6lbs and is just such a sweet baby. Most of the newborn photography I do includes a naked baby so there is typically an “accident” and this time Chris was the lucky recipient… see below for the splash section! Hope you are all doing well and maybe getting a few more hours of sleep by now!

Yeah, that’s a smile, I’m either the baby whisperer or just lucky.
(Seriously, my third didn’t smile for months. I got lucky.)

Ah, to contemplate life at one week old…
I try to keep things professional, but it was seriously hard not to kiss those toes!

He liked the one-eye-open pose a lot!

You may have to look closer (click on the pic) to see the spray!

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