Baby Cason

I shot baby Cason’s photos this past Sunday in Port St. John. He was around 10 days old then. I recommend for newborn photography that we schedule the session around a week old. This way the infant is still easy to work with, hasn’t gotten cranky yet and probably no baby acne yet either! Since I also shot the maternity photos, we were able to plan around the due date. My “baby” just turned a year old so I think I enjoyed this session extra just remembering how small they start out! Its true how time flies. Cason was super cute and sweet and has a real barn in his back yard complete with two horses – I think he is destined to be a cowboy! Sorry the blog entry took so long guys, my youngest was sick this week which resulted in a sick mommy too! Enjoy that baby and I hope to see you again as he grows!

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