Baby beach photography Florida | Avery is 8mths!

I love the 8 month session with my baby plan clients!  Avery has the sweetest personality and she’s FULL of enthusiasm.  She loved exploring the sand and really anything she could get her hands on. Her dad joined us just a bit into the session and based on Avery’s reaction he might as well have been the president, the pope or the latest pop star.  She’s definitely his biggest fan.  If she could write fan mail she would.  She’d have the t-shirt, the life size poster and she’d know all the words to his songs.

Don’t you just love how your kids adore you when they’re babies? Enjoy that time if you’re in it right now! My medium size munchkins still love me and even like me most of the time but adoration is tough to come by!


Thanks guys for choosing Angel Gray Photography! It is so fun watching your sweet daughter grow!