Baby and Family Photographer Melbourne | Ty is 8 months!

You know how I love the 8 month session. Or in case you didn’t, allow me to elaborate…  When my niece was visiting recently (who just turned 1) I realized that she is actually the size of a typical 8 or 9 month old (tiny parents) and I LOVE that size! How cool they get to enjoy a snugly baby just a little bit longer! Okay so Ty here is on the I’m-almost-big-enough-to-drive side of things but still the same smooshy body, chubby feet, sitting up and laughing, crawling and just all around good times stage. MMmmm love. It’s special too that I’ve had the pleasure of following this family from wedding to baby1 and baby2… best part of my job!


Happy Friday – excited to get the weekend started with our Spring Conquer Your Camera workshop!