At Last my sweet new niece…

Just a sneak for now… working on the rest! (Okay nevermind that it’s all here!)  Just FYI, if you used to receive email blog updates and still want to, you’ll have to sign up again on the site under connect and subscribe.  Another random note, I’m juggling a lot right now so please bear with me… Nickerson is next, followed by Liby and Christini!  Main galleries are going up one at a time and orders are completed every day… Now if only someone could finish all this Grand Opening stuff for me… And sleep for me! Well, enough of that wah wah wah… Look at this dreamy girl.

I was lucky to get to get to travel up to Ohio after my niece was born a few weeks ago.  And of course to be able to photograph her as well.  Beautiful little Leah Kay was born right at full term and although I can’t remember her actual birth weight, I know it was around 6lbs, which is much smaller than any of my babies were so it was fun to hold such a dainty baby. Davis thought she was alright, but mainly he couldn’t figure it out why all these references to the “baby” were not for him. And he didn’t like that one bit.  Look at him here, “get your hands off that other kid uncle chad.  I’m the real baby.”

Ahhh I can’t wait until they can play together!

She was really peel-y… Although I can fix that I don’t do that kind of thing for blog entries… it doesn’t matter anyway she is so cute she gets away with it.  Like the opposite of me and skinny jeans.

Davis really didn’t like my mom holding Leah.  He turned into super high maintenance toddler in no time.

Remember that look Chad, you’ll be seeing it again.  Like when she wants to take the car.

This one got left out the first time by accident.  It’s always interesting to me how sometimes the things you don’t plan on are the things you like. At least for me.  For example, I shot these with Chad standing so near to her just as a precaution, planning to crop him out later.  But I actually prefer to keep him there.  Reminds me of the way a father protects his children, and with his hands down as he leans over here you can just sense that loving protection even more.

I felt bad for her at first, her parents wrapping her up in this lady bug thing with the big hat, but she clearly loved it.

These booties, my mom wore.  And all her siblings.  And all my cousins.  And me and my brothers.  And my kids.  But we forgot Davis. Doh.  They wouldn’t fit over my baby’s big toes anyway.

Nothing more cozy than a baby stretch.

Love this one.  So proud of my brother. He is a new dad and back to full time school, nursing school, which is apparently crazy hard and I can’t even imagine having to do math again.  And I am even much younger than Chad.  Khara and I are both much much younger than our husbands.  We are practically trophy wives.

LOVE it.  Can’t you feel that.  There’s a little haze there and I put it there on purpose but haze isn’t for everyone.  Suit yourself, I like it sometimes.

Mwahh xoxo little Leah

P.S. I am for the record your only real Auntie.

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