First Birthday Addison

First Birthday Photography
I met up with Addison and her family in Vero Beach, well almost 2 weeks ago – I have been feverishly finishing lots of orders this week! We had a great time, following Addison around the park, watching her stuff her face with cake and changing her outfits just for fun – which is what you do with little girls until they get old enough to want to dress themselves. darn it. I think I would dress my daughter into her first day of college if she would let me.
But she definitely won’t.
Anyhow, Addison is a cutie and I think we captured some great memories of her first birthday here! Enjoy!

my fave.

The only thing even close to as wonderful as baby feet is baby leg pudge.

First Birthday Photographerwardrobe malfunctions

First Birthday PicturesOh wait, no this one (on her toes) is my favorite.

First Birthday PhotosI love it when people do just the right thing without me asking.

First Birthday Photosoh shoot maybe my favorite is this one?

First Birthday Photo Shootshe went for a stroll after “dessert”

the end

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