8 month Baby Plan Session | Owen

Owen is 8 months already so we got together on Merritt Island to capture his ADORABLE sitting up stage. This little cherub was killing me with his smiles and buckets of contagious joy. We also shot some family portraits during this time. Such a great family and such a beautiful Spring evening!


AGP14_Owen8m-3 copy AGP14_Owen8m-13 copy AGP14_Owen8m-22 copy AGP14_Owen8m-24 copy AGP14_Owen8m-25 copy AGP14_Owen8m-33 copy AGP14_Owen8m-35 copy AGP14_Owen8m-45 copy AGP14_Owen8m-50 copy AGP14_Owen8m-60 copy AGP14_Owen8m-64 copy

I can’t get enough of him! Looking forward to 12 month!