4 month Baby session at Home | Madelyn

Madelyn started her AGP Baby Plan with a four month session at home. I love how meaningful, unique and personal a home session is for a family. And for a baby there’s the added bonus of being in familiar territory (plus mom and dad don’t have to pack the diaper bag.) We had a gorgeous evening and an amazing sunset for this shoot. I know I say this often, but one of the best parts of my work is having the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. I honestly love to getting to know my clients and so often I leave a session thinking to myself HOW great those people were. So maybe I say it a lot but it’s no less true – these guys are such a sweet family!

Oh and we had a dolphin show! This dolphin just swam right under us on the dock then zoomed through the mangroves, super-speed style!


madRoom copy

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I’m Looking forward to seeing this itty bitty lady when she’s 8 months old!