4 month Baby Plan Studio session | twins Alessia and Christian

This adorable duo came into the studio for their four month session and it blew me away how much they have grown! Check out their newborn session here to see what I mean. 

Christian and Alessia are hilarious together. Alessia is all serious and Christian is a complete goof ball! I can’t wait to see if they continue in this direction with their personalities; it would make for an interesting relationship growing up. I can see these kids six years old getting ready for bed time… Alessia reminding Christian to brush AND floss his teeth while she turns back her neatly made bed and he jumps into his (grabbing the sheets off the floor where he left them that morning) murmuring something about how baby teeth all fall out eventually anyway. I’m not saying I’ve witnessed anything like this at my house…

Alessia and Christian wore their Christening outfits for a few shots before changing into some “Spring casual wear.”

I really can’t wait to see them again for 8 months!


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If you didn’t know these kiddos are Italian, you do now.

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