Your. Story. Told.

We probably have a lot in common. I love, I laugh, I cry, I get mad, I get excited, I make mistakes, I have faith, I set goals, I stress out, I get back up, I play it again.

I grew up in Satellite Beach Florida and received my Bachelor of Arts from Flagler College in St. Augustine. Studying photography there in the dark room gave me a foundation that continues to thread through my work. Angel Gray Photography began over ten years ago in Melbourne Florida and has grown beyond what I ever imagined, thanks to my husband for encouraging me to take the leap! My family moved back to St. Augustine in 2015, expanding AGP into St. Johns County. My husband Dana and I have been married for 17 years and we have three beautiful children: Logan, Mary and Davis. They light up our world and add just the right amount of crazy.

Things that make my day: family, friendship, cake, 80’s music, travel, earrings, drinks with umbrellas, Downton Abbey, anything red, a good book (preferably on the beach,) faith, spring, movies, shoes, hot stone massage, everything that smells like coconut, Girls Night Out, Ikea, and Ben and Jerry’s chocolate therapy.